Artist: Glockenspiel & Bart Cruz
Title: Intersection
Label: Global Scum Records
By: Chloe Harris | 1 April 2007
  • A: Joachim Spieth Mix
  • B: Stephan Hinz 'I Like Melodies' Mix

Glockenspiel & Bart Cruz "Intersection"

Out Now on Global Scum Records

The third release from Stephan Hinz's label Global Scum is a brilliant package of fresh and futuristic music. Intersection by Glockenspiel & Bart Cruz is a pumping electro house beast which you can find digitally, while the vinyl gets the two fantastic remixes. The first comes from Joachim Spieth, who has been releasing music since 1999 on respected labels such as Traum Schallplatten, Onitor, and Kompakt. He takes 'Intersection' to an aggressive place with sound out bass. The flip caters to the more progressive based fans of the label, as head honcho himself Stephan builds a beautiful tech house groove that fits perfectly as the last tune of the night.

Joachim Spieth turns out a big booming mix that is equally as aggressive as it is minimal. The bass is the first thing you notice with its hugely rumbling feel and dubby hypnotic but driving vibe. An off-kilter hook flutters in through a sparkly arpeggio of notes, building as the drums take shape with added extras like snares and crisp highs, subtly teasing with a string of hits. There are layers of rough sounds and scratchy soundscapes hiding in the background, swelling and sneering as the hook changes into tiny bubbles before fading away with the bass.

Stephan Hinz creates a brilliant mix of tech house beats and trancey melodic elements. Plenty of thought went into how everything was pieced together, from the layers of synths to the poppy drums, which are the first thing you notice. The beats step in building for a short moment before dropping away to introduce layers of bouncing synths that build to epic proportions. The bassline sweeps underneath building a rubbery groove, while more synths sparkle high, mid, and low, harmonizing and complimenting each other perfectly. Once everything settles down into a light break, the main hook is tapered creating a more electro effect that carries on as the other sounds return. A few moments after the hook dies down the beats and bass bob on until the end creating another distinguishing groove.

Global Scum is still building a reputation and with 'Intersection' I think this release shows its strength on creativity and choice. These are two very different mixes from each other, as well as the original, but they all have strong elements. Glockenspiel & Bart Cruz have definitely hit a high note on this release.

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