Artist: Gloat
Title: Skidaddle / Wuarp
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Simon Jones | 26 June 2003
  • A: Skidaddle
  • B: Wuarp

Gloat "Skidaddle / Wuarp"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

The second release on Dave Seaman's Audiotherapy imprint comes in the form of the long awaited single from Gloat, featuring the tracks 'Skidaddle' and 'Wuarp'. Both have been a staple in Dave's sets, and were featured on his Renaissance: Awakening and Global Undeground: Cape Town albums respectively. As the underground pseudonym of Dave and production partner Steve Anderson's 'Brothers In Rhythm', Gloat brings all their experience from that project and channels it into a more underground sound , whilst retaining all the excellence associated with it.

'Skidaddle' is the more uplifting of the two tracks, beats leading into a synth lined percussive groove the slowly develops before sliding into the main bassline of the track. As the beats loop, pushing the track forward, small hooks build the track up and up, culminating in the massive main riff which domiinates the break, fading out into layer upon layer of smaller ones as it builds once more to an uplitting and powerful close, keeping the energy held high and the floor under control in the process.

On the other hand, 'Wuarp' couldn't be more different. A big electro style pulsating riff kicks off right from the start, swaying over the beat patterns all the way through the track, as techy grooves and effects shimmer below the surface, developing into a techno style hook which runs side by side with the bass, culminating in a swirling atmospheric break that is simply the icing on the cake, as the track draws to a close.

Both tracks still manage to sound good today, even though both are now quite old. For those of you who have been after these tracks since you first heard them, the wait is over. For those of you looking for a secret weapon for your dj box, this is it, but hurry, this one is out there in limited numbers..

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