Artist: Glenn Morrison
Title: Finally EP
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Simon Jones | 26 September 2008
  • A1: Finally (Original Mix)
  • B1: Orange Glow (Original Mix)
  • B2: Orange Glow (Amnesia Afterhours Reprise)

Glenn Morrison "Finally EP"Glenn Morrison "Finally EP"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

The career of young producer Glenn Morrison has accelerated at a rate of knots during the past months, establishing himself with a number of releases of labels that include Mau5trap and Hope Recordings, in addition to a string of collaborative tracks and remixes with Deadmau5, Bruce Aisher and the 16 Bit Lolitas, not to mention his own solo output, with forthcoming material on Great Stuff and also EMI. With Dave Seaman's Audio Therapy now hitting its landmark 50th release, the label continues it's championing of the new guard by getting the young Canadian to piece together a new EP to mark the occasion.

'Finally', the title track of the EP is a pad-laden epic, underpinned by swelling atmospheric fills; deep melodies and a heavy futuristic synth lead that buzz saws its way through the centre of the track. Subtle key changes keep the energy of the track at a constant, becoming looser and more impactful as the track climbs towards its penultimate moments, with the trademark Morrison dancefloor sensibilities oozing out of every orifice.

'Orange Glow' ventures down the percussive house route, with a smart little kickdrum hook to provide the lead, amidst layers of warm melodies. It's a somewhat more restrained piece of work than it's counterpart, suited more to the early to mid set part of a dj set, though the additional 'Afterhours' Reprise' of the track is a great bridge tool to lead into those long late night moments that clubs like Stereo and Fabric are all too famous for.

All in all, an EP that is another feather to the bow of young Mr. Morrison, though in light of the label's back catalogue and standing, perhaps not quite one would expect of a landmark release from Dave Seaman's Audio Therapy.

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