Artist: Gilbey
Title: Pull The Trigger / Girls & Boys
Label: Beat Industries
By: Simon Jones | 16 June 2004
  • A: Pull The Trigger
  • B: Girls & Boys

Gilbey "Pull The Trigger / Girls & Boys"

Out Now on Beat Industries

This second release on new label Beat Industries comes from Mara's Barry Gilbey who flies solo with two killer breakbeat cuts ready to keep carpenters in business with their intent to rip up a few dancefloors (in addition to other fixings if necessary), as 'Pull The Trigger' and 'Girls & Boys' are unleashed out the Devil's Kitchen and onto an unsuspecting public.

'Pull The Trigger' teases with it's shuffling beats, but soon descends into the debauchery one would expect from Barry Gilbey as twisted stabs lead up to a breakdown that will take your head off and volley it across the dancefloor. You could say that the trigger is pulled and the impact speaks for itself when that happens. Just try it for yourself and see.

'Girls & Boys' takes a groove led direction, with floating beats and trippy percussion providing a druggy vibe that compliments the tempo of the track well. A buzzsaw snare slides through the beats, separating the beats and groove to create a satisfying big room soundscape that will instill looks of confusion on the dancefloor during those dark early mornings, as only tough boys and tougher girls need apply here.

Gilbey's debut foray into the breakbeat arena is one that is done with relative ease as both tracks are solid and well produced to the usual stand we've become accustomed with with his work within Mara, and this is just a hint of some of his filthy tendencies.

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