Artist: General Midi
Title: U Will Be Under / Tentacled
Label: Kilowatt Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 19 September 2003
  • A: U Will Be Under
  • B: Tentacled

General Midi "U Will Be Under / Tentacled"

Out Now on Kilowatt Recordings

General Midi is better known as Paul Crossman from Bristolian duo Starecase, and it's been a while since we've been treated to some of his solo delights thanks to other commitments. However, after beavering away for a few months, he has yet more dark and dirty dancefloor fodder to get you drooling, the first of which is this new two tracker for Kilowatt..

'U Will Be Under' wastes no time in getting down to business, leading in with some machine gun style beats before descending into the main beat pattern. Laser synths lend a driving edge ot the track, whilst key changes add depth. Throw in a filtered spoken vocal and some serious bass action in the main section of the track, and some electric guitar loops leading into a looped beat assault. Building bigger and bigger the track culminates in massive finale that you just have to bounce around and shake your ass to. A huge track from General Midi.

'Tentacled' is something slightly different. A melodic, percussive drum affair, this doesn't kick as hard as the a-side, but you have to admire the production on this track, as subtle rhythms and sounds really draw out the inner melodies, leading into some speaking tweaking bass action. The melodies swirl out of control as the track builds, though a big drop into the break before reintroducing the bass with devastating effect as the melody line leads things to close in fine fashion.

A game of two halves this once, the first of which goes straight for the goal on the dancefloor, whilst the other shows off it's skills in a more subtle yet just as effective way. Another fine single from General Midi, and with plenty more to come, including a collaborating with DJ Hyper, those fans amongst you who have been waiting a while for new Midi material are in for a treat.

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