Artist: Gazor
Title: Overlight
Label: Minimal Records
By: Simon Jones | 24 September 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Blue Haze Mix

Gazor "Overlight"

Out Now on Minimal Records

Mick Burns seems to have more aliases than James Bond, and more projects than 'M', but so far he's got a great track record to show for the singles he's already released, which is growing pretty much by the week. We've already been treated to some work as Blue Haze and Panoptic, and now comes the second Gazor release, following on from 'Stabilized' on Confi-Dance, seeing him team up with Indaba's Andrew Best for another outing.

Gazor's 'Original Mix' is a mixture of chunky house beats, with some trippy percussive elements concealing a rippling b-line that shakes underneath. As it develops, smooth ambience washes over the groove, as a quirky vocal trickles to the surface building upwards towards a chord break which gives way to an emotive vocal solo, before the groove returns in the form of a big tribal-edged outro, spiraling out of control. A big room track for sure!

Mick Burns flies solo on the flipside with his 'Blue Haze Mix', taking things deeper and placing more emphasis on the bassline, drawing it out of the groove by altering the arrangement to fade out each time the bass rises. Swirling chords and heavy beats give this remix a real sense of depth, with a dreamy breakdown only adding to the overall warmth and gorgeous sounds of the track, in some ways reflecting his work under his Panoptic guise. It seems this guy cannot be stopped!

One has to ask how long before Mick burns out or when the crumbling point will come. Whilst too much of a good thing can be bad, so far it's not done any harm at all, and whilst this isn't quite up there with his Panoptic track 'Surface', it's worthy of a listen.

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