Artist: Futureshock
Title: Phantom Theory (Album Sampler)
Label: Parlophone
By: Simon Jones | 11 March 2003
  • A: Late At Night
  • B: Another Hit
  • C: Pride's Paranoia (Featuring Slug)
  • D: Birdcage (Instrumental)

Futureshock "Phantom Theory (Album Sampler)"

Out Now on Parlophone

With the first single 'On My Mind' currently getting support in clubs and on radio, the Futureshock boys, Phil Dockerty and Alex Tepper have decided to release this doublepack album sampler to preceed the release of 'Phantom Theory', featuring four tracks from the album (including an exclusive mix of one), this should give good insight into the album. Is that the case? Let's find out..

Kicking off the album sampler is 'Late At Night', it's punchy kick drum percussion cutting through a tough techy groove. Rising synths and bleeps envelope the vocodered vocal that pops up during the cause of the track, as each wave of the sonic assault unfolds. Dramatic in it's approach, it fades down to a vocal bridge before unleashing one final attack on the dancefloor. Vintage Futureshock.

'Another Hit' follows in the tried and tested formula that the boys push forward, keeping it's eye firmly on the dancefloor but drawing in deeper influences and acid house sounds, cascading downwards into a series of riffs that roll along pulling you in further and further in sublime fashion. Probably the nearest thing to their classic 'Sparc' on the sampler.

Over on the second disc of the sampler 'Pride's Paranoia' offers something slightly different, with it's Underground Resistance style bassline and mc vocal courtesy of Slug from mid west hip hop outfit Atmosphere. Hints of Eminem are eveident but the track itself goes toe to toe with Slug's vocals, with some low techy grooves slipping at the back end of the track. Imagine a track akin to one of Green Velvet's many hits and you will have a good idea of what to expect.

The final track, 'Birdcage' is an adventure in future breakbeat. Deep crisp beats, a tough percussion line form the basis of the track but soon dirty breaks amidst cut up futuristic bleeps take control. This is a heads down affair which will more than appease breaks fiends out there. This version is an instrumental exclusive to the sampler, which isn't on the album, so well worth checking out.

As a preview into the 'Phantom Theory' of Futureshock, this more than serves it's purpose, with a varied selection of tracks on offer here. Be you a club head or a home listener, be sure to check this out and if you like what you hear, run out and buy a copy of the album.

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