Artist: Future Sound Of Gravity EP
Title: Volume One
Label: Gravitation Records
By: Chloe Harris | 27 August 2003
  • A1: Shanghai Corporation - Gold Coast
  • B1: Hellpass - Growler (Blue Haze Mix)
  • B2: Mario & Eric J - Ocean Park

Future Sound Of Gravity EP "Volume One"

Out Now on Gravitation Records

This is the first volume from Gravitation Records featuring some quality music. There’s a wide range of styles on this record, the tribal sounds of Shanghai Corporation, the deep progressive sounds of Hellpass remixed by Blue Haze, and a deep house affair from Texas folks, Mario & Eric J.

Shanghai Corporation is Chris Sterio and Jools of Katakana fame. ‘Gold Coast’ is a nice tribal affair made for darker, chuggier moments in a set. Beats start up, as a layer of sound creeps in steadily, working well to create the groove. Things stop for a moment as a new sound is introduced. It’s a quick stab of darkness, just to keep the song moving, creating a nice backdrop and subtle rhythm structure. Vocal snips come in as we drop off again, as synths swirl up out of the drop, as the dark stabs come behind and continue to the end. A great mid tempo tune that keeps on grooving.

Next up is 'Blue Haze' who puts his hand to future release ‘Growler’ by Hellpass. Kicking off with some nice thumping drums, a washing synth rolls over and we drop into a thick bassline. Moving further in and driving along nicely, a voice bounces effortlessly in the mix. Claps lead in to another layer of drums, and the song picks up right as it starts into the break. From here it opens up into a chord progression of jazzier changes, which really moves the whole song. There is a nice range of emotion in this song all the way till the end. Another sublime and well produced track from Mick Burns

Finally, Mario & Eric J are up again for the Gravitation posse. Texas boys doing their thing, and this time bring a nice subtle deep house groover entitled 'Ocean Park' to finish up the package, it's laid back mood and subtle house groove just perfect for the summer, as the pace lifts thanks to some shuffling drums and crisp claps. We then drop right into a great bassline, which sways back and forth and really makes you move. Cute jazzy tones flutter on top, as some more drums make their way in. Washing sea type sounds float over the song, and really create a beachy atmosphere, breaking only for a second so some nice vocal samples can edge in, and then back into the tune. A very nice, chilled tune for those deeper moments.

Gravitation has been putting out great records as of late. This is another great record with some nice underground talent that is sure to be heard in clubs, beaches and homes everywhere.

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