Artist: Future Funk Squad
Title: Towards The Sun (Remixes: Part Two)
Label: Default Records
By: Colin C. | 18 July 2006
  • A: Hybrid Mix
  • B: Paul Woolford Mix

Future Funk Squad "Towards The Sun (Remixes: Part Two)"

Out Now on Default Records

With their debut album in the can, Future Funk Squad unleash the remixes from one of the many stand out tracks on 'Audio Damage'. With the first disc in this two part set we got to hear Evil Nine's and R3volve's interpretations, and just when you thought it couldn't get any sweeter the second disc drops in with mixes from breaks heavyweights Hybrid and house superemo Paul Woolford.

Two very different mixes here, as Hybrid's kicks off the first side. Right out of the gate you feel like you're thrown right back into that epic, "Echoplex" style that made Hybrid remixes pure floor stormers. Quick perc patterns along with swirling synths kick up into a four-on-the-floor beat, complete with that classic Hybrid bass-line. Memories start flooding back of 'Kid 2000' and 'Vernon's Wonderland' as this groove melts into the breaks mayhem that made me fall in love with Hybrid. The vocals are treated nicely, as are the original elements as the whole mix elevates across its entire 8 minutes. If you loved the Hybrid "Echoplex" mixes you will not be disappointed, where on the other hand some might feel this to be too typical now in 2006, I however find that to be the sign of an endearing production team and will gladly place this mix in my collection.

After cranking up the Hybrid mix, Paul Woolford's take was quite a spin in the opposite direction. However, that's to be expected when you look at Paul's back catalog of releases on labels such as NRK and Junior Boys Own. Kicking off his mix with a strong bass kick and tight snare, he moves into a bubbly electro bass line as he fiddles and manipulates some vocal edits. Paul keeps the focus on the vocals most of the way through, crafting a very simplistic electro vibe with some cool tech-y elements. Its hard for me personally to get into this, especially listening to it back to back from the Hybrid take, but I'm sure the Woolford fans will enjoy it.

My only complaint is that I don't agree with the pairing of the mixes across these two releases. If it was me I'd stick the Woolford mix with the R3volve mix to make for a good electro/house package, while leaving the Evil Nine and Hybrid mixes to the second disc. Otherwise, the mixes on this disc are strong and give a little something for both the breaks heads and house heads.

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