Artist: Funk Harmony Park
Title: My Truth (Disc Two)
Label: Fade Records
By: Jason Calvert | 5 August 2005
  • A1: Royal Sapien Main Room Mix
  • A2: Marky Star Remix v1.0
  • B1: Royal Sapien Back Room Mix
  • B2: 3rd Morning Dub

Funk Harmony Park "My Truth (Disc Two)"

Out Now on Fade Records

Part Two of the debut from Icelandic outfit Funk Harmony Park packs even more of a punch than Part One did, and the unique sound of the mixes presented here is a credit to Fade Records' impressive catalogue of releases.

Many will be familiar with Royal Sapien's Main Room Remix from Chris Fortier's Balance 007. This is without a doubt the hottest mix of the track, and is being hammered across the globe by some of the worlds hottest DJs. American Ben Mautner, under his Royal Sapien guise has had a strong underground presence for some time now, and has built up a reputation for his diverse approach to music. A vicious breakbeat leads the track, with a dirty bassline ripping up the lower levels of the composition, and the futuristic sounds of the Original Mix making an appearance around the mid ranges. The vocal whispers its way around various chords, being careful as to not affect any element of the producion. A spectacular remix to kick off the release.

Marky Star provides an alternate version of his mix seen on Part One. This is the stronger of the two mixes, boasting much more sense of direction and some added effects and other minor details which give the track an overall more complete feel than version 2.0. But again, there is nothing too groundbreaking about the sound presented here.

Royal Sapien steps up yet again, this time with his Back Room Remix. As the name implies, we are presented with a stripped back, laid back version of the Main Room Remix which you can just sit back and groove on. No longer having such a dirty feel, we instead are fed a much more refined breakbeat sound, with lush synths and a smooth bassline which indeed do give us a "Back Room" feel.

The final mix for the release is provided by Funk Harmony Park themselves, in the way of a "3rd Morning Dub". This is a unique gem of a mix, in that it takes the futuristic sounding elements of the original, and gives them a vintage feel, with a driving bassline holding it all together. This results in an eerie vibe which one can't help but enjoy. Sounding as though it has taken influences from a more middle eastern style, this is definately the version for those who like their music to have that certain edge to it which sets it apart from everything else in its genre.

An extremely solid remix package presented here, which outlines Fade Records' cross-genre appeal. Definately check Part Two out first, and if you really enjoy it then make sure to go and take a look at Part One, but this disc is definately not to be passed up! With an already strong back catalogue of releases, this is another release for Fade which is above average standard.

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