Artist: Full Bite Session
Title: Full Bite Session EP
Label: Minimal Records
By: Simon Jones | 1 August 2003
  • A1: House Of God
  • A2: G-Flash
  • B1: Shadows
  • B2: Energy

Full Bite Session "Full Bite Session EP"

Out Now on Minimal Records

Full Bite Session is the alias of Belgrade producer M Gonzales who has been making music since 2000, after many years as a graphics designer. His first release was signed to Play Recordings and this latest EP is his second. He also also recently signed material to Dirty Blue, and has many other projects on the go. Needless to say, a busy boy indeed, and as this EP of his shows, he's quite the versatile one as well.

The first track on side A is 'House Of God'. A fusion of rippling grooves, rattling drum loops and an intense weaving percussion line, this starts off slowly but soon picks up, entering a rather busy niche where a vocal hook navigates it's way through analogue style effects and intricate melodies to get it's point across.

Following on next is 'G-Flash', which takes another direction, bouncing riffs and stabs creating the main groove of this pulstating tech house influenced cut, which whilst nothing innovative production wise, has a unqiue mc style vocal which adds a twist to the whole track, but overall it just doesn't really hit home at all.

Hopefully side B will rectify this, and thankfully 'Shadows' does not disappoint. Perhaps the most straightforward progressive cut on this EP, the key element here is the superb b-line and atmospheric effects that place emphasis on all the elements contained within. The breathy vocal in particular draws you right in, as the mood of the track envelops you. Check out the tight drop towards the end too. Tasty indeed!

Finally 'Energy' goes down the darker router, bubbling hi hats and eerie organ stabs concealing a rough groove, as sweeps, effects and film score style melodies are dropped at various points throughout this tribal house cut with a difference.

A varied EP for sure, and some would say value for money. The question is, are you a dj who likes to have a versatile selection of music in his box, because if so then this is for you, but if you prefer something a bit more explosive, look elsewhere.

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