Artist: Fretwell
Title: Silky Dirty
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 22 September 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Pole Folder & CP Mix

Fretwell "Silky Dirty"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Tim Fretwell is without a doubt one of the main names pushing forward the progressive breaks movement that has re-emerged in a big way in the last few months. With several singles on Electrofly to his credit and remixes of artists such as Pole Folder and Steve Porter, his penchant for lush soundscapes and big beats has earned him recognition with Jonathan Lisle, John Digweed and even our own Chloe Harris. However, many may not be aware of his earlier work, and this new single for Baroque entitled 'Silky Dirty' sees a return to his progressive house roots.

The 'Original Mix' sees Fretwell forge dirty synth hooks and rolling bass to create a startling four to the floor track. Built on warm sounds and melodies, but managing to avoid the obvious trappings that exist in so many tracks of this kind, 'Silky Dirty' is a filtered, gliding epic that shows that be it house or breaks, Tim Fretwell has an ability to create smooth, layered tracks that work well on the dancefloor.

Returning the favour, following on from Fretwell's awesome interpretation of 'Protected', the Belgian duo 'Pole Folder & CP' provide a deep, brooding interpretation of the track. Subtle melodies develop throughout, giving way to a devastating drop that slowly evolves and makes it's presence felt, in an understated way that helps the track to build rather than detract from it. When it hits, watch this mix explode, bringing a whole new lease of life to the track, as this much vaunted production duo deliver yet another quality remix.

'Silky Dirty' is another great single from Fretwell that ranks up there with the best on Baroque. Very much a producer on the rise in the last 18 months or so, this single is further proof of why that is the case.

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