Artist: Fretwell
Title: Ember
Label: Electrofly Records
By: Simon Jones | 23 July 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Rennie Pilgrem Mix

Fretwell "Ember"

Out Now on Electrofly Records

Following on from the excellent 'Will U Ever Come Around' by Shiloh, and 'Colours Of Conscience' by Jono Fernandez, Electrofly bring the next single, this time coming from Sheffield UK producer Tim Fretwell. A mainstay on the Climax Recordings roster, Tim's previous form includes both original and production work for Climax, most notably his remix of Paul Lancaster's 'Bad Girl', which led to him getting the nod from John Digweed to remix Pole Folder & CP's 'Dust' for Bedrock. On the strength of such work, many sat up and took notice, and the experience has also influenced his original material, as is evidenced by this huge track, 'Ember'.

On the 'Original Mix', Tim weaves fat chunky breakbeats and heavenly chords together over a pulsating b-line with hitman like precision. As the chords sink in and out of the rippling beats, soft pad action pulls them out of the track, letting them float over the top freely as the track takes an ethereal melody led turn. However this is short lived as the beats drop back in slowly, before launching into a full on aural assault for the dramatic finale that will leave the prog breaks cult salivating all over the dancefloor. Tracks like this should be labelled with a health warning.

The remix however takes a more nu-skool inspired direction as one of the scene's legends, 'Rennie Pilgrem', leading in with some scrumptious beats up to a subtle drop. He then loops the melody. teasing it in slowly before he lets loose with a rolling beat section, adding a hint of funk in to complement the melody, building up to the finale where he places the emphasis on the bassline, ensuring the crowd stay hooked and interested right until the final beat.

Electrofly are currently three for three, with yet another superb single on their hands. Expect also, to hear a lot of Tim Fretwell in the months to come, including a slew of remixes, most notably including a blinding rework of Bedrock's 'Forge' for Bedrock Breaks.

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