Artist: Fortunato & Montresor
Title: Imagine
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 11 March 2003
  • A1: Imagination 1 Mix
  • A2: Radio Edit
  • B1: Pole Folder Sense Of Imagination Mix

Fortunato & Montresor "Imagine"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Fortunator and Montresor's 'Imagine' was first released back in 1997 on the German label Electrolux, and was brought to people's attention via it's inclusion on John Digweed's Global Undeground Sydney album. Now in 2003, Bedrock have licensed the track for their own label as the 40th release, with a new remix coming from Pole Folder. So without further ado, let's find out how 'Imagine' fares against the releases of today.

The 'Imagination 1 Mix' is the exact same version that was featured on John Digweed's first Global Underground album as the opening track. Warm emotives chords give way to a softly spoken vocal that floats over a deep percussive bassline, which moves along without any set structure, oozing radiance and sublime ambience. The vocal will be instantly recognisible to long time music lovers who will remember it from many years ago, and it still sounds as good to this days, the minimal groove really giving it a platform from which to shine with grace and splendour. This has been one of my favourite tracks for many years, so hopefully this re-release will open it up to a whole new crowd of listeners.

The 'Radio Edit' at the end of the a-side is a lounge style breakbeat version, uplifting synths working in tandem with the harmony of the vocals to deliver a different alternative mix which is perfecting for the early set or warm up.

However, the best is saved for last as the b-side sees a new mix for 2003 brought to us thanks to Belgium's Pole Folder and his 'Sense Of Imagination Mix'. For this mix he moves away from his downtempo based style slightly, reworking the ambience of the original into something more techy and upbeat. Rolling beats drop over the bassline with percussive claps and vocal snippets building into the main section of the track. And it is without warning that things suddenly turn on their head and a beautiful uplifting melody shimmers through the speakers and a progressive edged groove drives foward like a phoenix rising from the hills. The break comes early, with spine chilling effect, before the melody unleashes it's presence for the rest of the mix, adding masses of emotion and splendour to what is one of the finest remixes to appear this year. Outstanding stuff once more from this fast rising Belgian producer.

A surprising release for Bedrock, but a nice way to start 2003. One can only wonder what other surprises they have in store for us over the coming months.

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