Artist: Fortunato & Montresor
Title: Imagine (Chris Fortier Mixes)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 27 May 2003
  • A: Chris Fortier Mix
  • B: Chris Fortier Dub

Fortunato & Montresor "Imagine (Chris Fortier Mixes)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Following on from the recent re-release containing the dreamy 'Imagination 1' and the new 'Pole Folder' remix, Bedrock have comissioned another 12" of remixes of the 1997 track 'Imagine' by Fortunato and Montresor, looking overseas to long time friend of the label Chris Fortier who delivers two unique mixes of the track. The results speak for themselves..

Lifting the vocal straight out of the original version of the track, Fortier slides a deep groove which sits underneath the whispery synths that expire as they rise to the surface. Building in tempo, the groove pulls together as the full vocal hook gradually makes it's way in. Melodic riffs add an extra edge to the track as the energy level rises and the track evoles into a full on peak time monster, as the melodic riffs become more dominating within the groove, drifting out of the speakers and guaranteed to drown the dancefloor in an emotional overload of the senses. Top stuff from Mr Fortier who proves once again he is more than capable of doing the business in a solo capacity.

For his dub rework, deeper beat patterns are layered together slowly, letting the synths of the original out on occasional and adding some melody and minimal vocal stabs to keep things upbeat as the rolling bass grows. The result is a nice warm up mix for earlier in a set.

Both mixes pay homage to the almost classic original, bringing the track bang up to date and fitting in nicely with the deeper house tracks out there. Following on from the massive 'Whateveritis' single, Chris Fortier is certainly on a roll at the moment.

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