Artist: Formulate
Title: Abbreviated Funk
Label: Proton Music
By: Jason Calvert | 20 July 2005
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Opencloud Funkspell Mix

Formulate "Abbreviated Funk"

Out Now on Proton Music

Proton Music, hot on the heels of their debut with Digital Witchcraft's monster, step up next with Formulate's "Abbreviated Funk". Formulate is Justin Humber, who's impressive back catalogue of original recordings and remixes should serve as an indication of the quality which we could expect from this record. As with Proton's first release, a remix competition was run to get the second mix for the release. Blake Potter and Corey Spengler received the position of Runner Up on Fingerpaint, which still gained them a position on the release. Determined to beat that, they submitted their interpretation of Abbreviated Funk, and got themselves the winning position.

The Original Mix is a banging 4/4 track, which also sways towards a breakbeat at times. An extremely heavy bassline sets up the groundwork for the track, with a bouncier melody being layered in over the top. Some more effects are thrown into the composition, and these serve to excite the other elements of the track, as they lift the it up to a higher level altogether. This track could cause some damage on the dancefloor due to its heavy bassline and underlying groove, and at the peak of the night, this would compliment any powerful atmosphere very well.

Opencloud seem to be developing a very unique style of remixing which has definately caught my attention along with many others. Their remix of Fingerpaint pulled off the amazing feat of changing the track direction completely whilst remaining true to the elements of the original which made it so breathtaking. It looks as if lightning does in fact strike twice. Heavy percussion elements set up a solid foundation, and many tweaked and filtered effects make an appearance, giving the track a very futuristic feel. The melody is kept in tact, and slots in perfectly above the rest of the composition, giving it a strong direction. A deserving win from the Opencloud boys.

Proton Music have set the bar at a high standard for future releases, and I have strong faith that they will be able to provide this consistency for future releases. Abbreviated Funk is a solid release, boasting many tight production values, and with a slew of runner up mixes available once again as free downloads from the Proton Radio website, there is sure to be something to please everyone.

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