Artist: Forme
Title: Ignition
Label: M Theory Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 August 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Medway Mix

Forme "Ignition"

Out Now on M Theory Records

Forme is the alter ego of vocalist and producer Richard File, whom most people will know for his contributions to James Lavelle's Unkle project, in particular the second album 'Never Never Land' where he can be heard providing the vocal lead for such tracks as 'In A State' and 'What You Are To Me', as well as contributing to and co-producing the vast majority of the album. In a solo capacity he's cut his teeth over the years, remixing for the now defunct Mo Wax, and most recently has had a string of excellent singles on the Marine Parade, under his aforementioned alias. 'Ignition' is yet another of his solo excursions, which having been deemed worthy of inclusion on Jonathan Lisle's Bedrock 0S_0.2 compilation, was subsequently signed for release here on Lisle's own M Theory imprint.

The 'Original Mix' is a fusion of broken beats, dirty synths and twisted snares all brought together by a bassline that steamrollers its way through the track. Building and building, the track drops into a sudden breakdown where the chaos subsides momentarily only for a stunning melodic finale takes the lead, ensuring that any dancefloor that gets treated to this will be left in a state of carnage. A proper end of night track for the bigger floors and festivals.

Stripping down the original to create a smoother, groove inspired mix, 'Medway' turns in a rare remix which as you might expect places much emphasis on heavy bass, with a subtle but extremely effective 80s breakdance beat pushing the mix forward. If anything it's let down by the long melodic section in the middle, but with such a strong original on the package, it's a decent alternative that will find a niche with progressive and breaks DJs alike.

With some Cool Cuts chart action and support from both ends of the spectrum, from Sasha through to Lee Coombs, 'Ignition' has the potential to be the biggest crossover track on M Theory yet, and its these kind of singles that will help to push the breakbeat sound to a bigger audience.

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