Artist: Form & Function
Title: Wonderland
Label: EQ Grey
By: Chloe Harris | 6 June 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan Mix

Form & Function "Wonderland"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Hywel Dunn-Davies' career as a producer over the past few years has produces many groundbreaking singles under such guises as Chimera, Chaos Theory and H-Bomb. Form & Function is his latest project, with this track having first shown up on James Holden’s exquisite mix for EQ Grey called Balance 005. 'Wonderland' is just that; a dreamy escape of sounds rolling throughout colorful key changes and uplifting synths, backed with a bouncy bassline and clicky drums. Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan rework the track into a drum laden lush groove that works wonders out on the floor.

'Wonderland' starts out with an extremely bouncy groove, high hats and clicky claps. A slight rhythmic arpeggiation hides in the background, while high twinkles lay on top of the drums. A thumpy pad tone rushes in and swoops everything up and into jazzy key changes. Shifting and moving throughout the keys, the song swings up higher and higher, changing the moods. An exceptional piece of music.

Straight off the success of 'South Of The Border' for Vapour Recordings, Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan get back together to deliver a brilliant journey through a deep groove, heavy percussion and sweet synths. Tribal and techy drums start building along with an off beat stab and drop into a heady bouncy bassline that sets up the groove. A hypnotic beep falls into the beats while a gorgeous lush string melts across the song falling into a break. Jumping back into the kick, the groove builds once more.

Form & Function has a hit with 'Wonderland'. Their music is fresh and new and that's something that EQ looks out for. Another stand out release for EQ Grey and with upcoming releases from H-Bomb and The MFA, we'll see just how diversified this label can be.

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