Artist: Fo-Sek
Title: Heedron
Label: Kindred Sounds
By: Nick Williams | 14 April 2006
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Kriece Mix
  • B2: Dave Robertson Mix

Fo-Sek "Heedron"

Out Now on Kindred Sounds

Following up from an amazing EP of funky, deep twisted tech house, we move to…well, some more funky, deep twisted tech house. And that is just fine with me! As a concoction of Australia's Dave Basek and Ed Function, Fo-Sek's 'Heedron' is sure to heed some notice, with label-head Kriece, and the always pleasurable Dave Robertson taking care of the other side of plastic musical space. Get ready to bust the bass-bins, as well as a few hips, as these are some groovy bass-driven techy numbers.

The original mix gets us started with a trippy, ghostly vocal that sets the stage with some farty percussion that gets us chugging along right off the bat. Delays and reverb are used to perfection on the vocal, as it comes out of nowhere, twists, and bends. The falling bassline smoothly catches us and takes us away. This track has a great groove to it, and is peppered properly with supersonic percussion bits, blips, and bobbles. Dub-inspired chords and delays give it a fitting atmosphere with quite a smooth, laid back feeling. That bassline warbles and tweaks along to the end.

Kriece, having numerous releases across the board, as well as a recent JJJ mix-up mix, is starting to see some favor among the DJ elite, with Hernan and Zabby-be-la laying claim to his talent, and he brings us a slighty harder, gritty version of Heedron. We get started with some tripped out, delayed, and vocoded atmospheres, then get kicked in the head with some beats. The bassline come out of the ground for this one, becoming distorted more and more as it progresses along. Every bit of percussion here is sharp and crisp, with the atmosphere being the only soft aspect, making it a nice disparity of sounds. Everything gets a bit more up-beat after the break, and that dub-inspired aspect is very much in this remix as in the original.

In true Dave Robertson fashion, we finish this release off with some herky-jerky funky tech house action. I have been really digging his style as of late, and this remix is no exception. Taking the original elements and adding some twists and whirls, he adds the funk that will get the dancefloor entwined in each other. Some effected chord stabs add a darker vibe than the original and Kriece's remix, yet the song still manages to keep the funk. You have to hear this bassline in the club, it will shake you insides.

I have to say that Kindred Sounds is one of the best new labels out there for trippy tech house with a deep, funky twist. This release is excellent for warming the floors up, rocking them out, or twisting them up. I can't wait for the next release.

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