Artist: Flying Camel
Title: Kuli Sana
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 19 June 2003
  • A: Flash Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Flying Camel "Kuli Sana"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Kasey Taylor enjoys dj gigs all over the world these days, often leaving his native Australia for one of the far corners of the globe. It's quite probable therefore, that he first came across 'Kuli Sana' whilst playing in the Middle East, as Flying Camel hail from Israel. Regardless of whether this was the case or not is irrelevant as it has already received dj support from most of the usual suspects, and with any luck will receive some from you too.

'Shmuel Flash' heads up the 12" with his interpretation on the a-side, a pounding atmospheric groove and intricate drum layers building the mood right from the intro, eastern strings and a looped vocal sample adding emotion whilst the synth and pad arrays bring depth to the sounds. A big groove that grows louder and more intense is assisted by a pulsating bass effect which slides slowly through the backdrop of the track, leading into the chanting of the main break, bringing the mood of the track down before driving back in with more energy and power than ever before. If you loved Shmuel's 'Chlling Moments' track, then you will enjoy this.

The 'Original Mix' opts for a more house inspired route, working the percussion into a dark groove, and using evocative eastern string sections to build up to the tribal break where moorish chanting sinks in and out of the groove, leading to the devastating finale that will send a shivver down your spine. A mix for the darker, slower sets, but one that works very well indeed.

Vapour show that it's not just Australia that is putting out the good music with this release, and with many other releases lined up right until the end of 2003, it looks as though the label's fortunes may be on the up.

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