Artist: Fluke
Title: Switch
Label: One Little Indian
By: Simon Jones | 23 July 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Marco Bellini Mix

Fluke "Switch"

Out Now on One Little Indian

What started with 'Pulse', soon led to to singles from their 'Puppy' album, the first being 'Hang Tough', and now 'Switch' arrives as the latest cut to be taken from the album. It's been a long time since Fluke released their last proper studio album, but the wait is almost over, but in the meantime, this teaser single will keep your appetite satisifed.

The 'Original Mix' is vintage Fluke, updated and refined with a modern twist. Jon Fugler's vocals sit within a big industrial style groove, electronic synths cutting their way through the dark, distorted bass as a pulsating piston like b-line pushes forward. The effects within the track lend a dark, punky angst edge to Jon's vox, leading up to the break, where the guitar riff and melodies take over, as atmospherics and acoustics add a big room edge to the sounds. As usual Fluke refuse to be pidgeonholed, and as the mood switches, you will be twitching on the dancefloor to this.

'Marco Bellini' brings his own unique touch to the track over on the flip, stripping down the track to it's beats and synths, adding distortion on the top and bringing in a snarling electro hook which sits inbetween Jon's vocals, brought together by the machine like synths and subtle sweeps which lead up to a slight drop. From here the hook kicks in with more depth and power than before, hypnotically rolling through the speakers, and pulling you in as Jon's words etch themselves through your skull and into your mind. Another heavy duty piece of work from Marco Bellini.

Limited to only around 500 copies, this is trademark Fluke material, serving as a taster for 'Puppy' and giving an indication of a much bigger story that is yet to be told. The prelude ends here.. the story continues soon..

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