Artist: Flash Brothers
Title: Ways
Label: Silver Planet Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 24 March 2004
  • A: Chris Salt Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Flash Brothers "Ways"

Out Now on Silver Planet Recordings

'Ways' is the third and final chapter in the Flash Brothers Silver Planet release trilogy, coming at a time where it seems a second wave of Flash Brothers releases are coming on labels as diverse as Distraekt and Oxyd. With the previous two releases 'The Flight' and 'The Call' receiving varied reactions, it's been left to 'Ways' to save the day, but this time Silver Planet's latest signing Chris Salt is on hand to provide support.

'Chris Salt' has already been gaining much attention from those in the know, and his remix of 'Ways' is yet another reason as to why this is. Easing in slowly with soft chords and atmospheric sweeps, a deep breakbeat section soon moves in. Haunting melodies and ethereal effects compliment the bass, with subtle synths lifting the tempo, a seductive and enchanting vocal line floating over the top. A series of drops and varied beat arrangements are the final elements that make this mix so addictive, and it's one that you'll find yourself playing over and over again.

In comparison, the 'Original Mix' is overshadowed, and whilst it has all the usual Flash Brothers elements, with big solid drum lines and moody effects creating the usual hypnotic vibe that is so typical of their productions, the vocal element has a more middle eastern feel, which is lost amongst the big room mechanics. This leaves the mix as a solid dub inspired club mix that will wreck havoc with it's big building riffs nevertheless.

Third time is most definitely a charm with Chris Salt's mix in particular being one that will provoke a reaction from the floor each and every time you use it, with the Flash Brothers own 'Original Mix' one for the more peak time set, making 'Ways' one of the most well rounded and essential releases on Silver Planet in sometime. So good in fact, that this reviewer has been proven wrong, and whilst I leave to eat my promos for breakfast as I promised I would do during my review of 'The Call', make sure you grab a copy of this.

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