Artist: Flash Brothers
Title: The Call
Label: Silver Planet Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 14 November 2003
  • A: Original Mix

Flash Brothers "The Call"

Out Now on Silver Planet Recordings

The Flash Brothers have become regulars on the Silver Planet as of late, and that relationship continues as they now return with the second in a trilogy of tracks, following on from 'The Flight' which was the first part of the trilogy. 'The Call' opts for a more uplifting vibe than the previous single, but still has all the traditional elements that are associated with the Flash Brothers.

Starting off in dark and brooding fashion, the track grooves along with murky beats and effects creating an eerie mood very reminiscent of Moshic's early work. This mood continues until the introduction of big arpeggio keys and a drifting melody line, with an uplifting vocal rising over the top for added effect. A pumping bassline brings it all together, but whilst has the power to pack a punch, it's very much a reaction maker by numbers track.

It does make you wonder why Silver Planet decide to release one sided versions of these 12"s, as none of them are really what I would call essential in their own right. Three fair tracks a good single makes. Three separate singles are not, and I will eat my latest promos for breakfast if the final chapter in the trilogy changes my opinion. It would seem that the Silver Planet is off axis right now, let's hope that can be rectified in the future.

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