Artist: Flash Brothers
Title: Sweetest Thing
Label: Lowriders Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 30 December 2005
  • A: Nick K Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Flash Brothers "Sweetest Thing"

Out Now on Lowriders Recordings

Matthew Dekay & Nick K's Lowriders label has brought us some great music over the last year or two, with releases from Bart Van Wissen, Rene Amesz and Monkz immediately springing to mind. With the label finding a niche based around quality groove led house that it has consistently managed to fill. The Flash Brothers 'Sweetest Thing' has been a staple in both DJs record boxes over the last few months, and kicks off a new year for the label in grand fashion as it finally makes its appearance.

On the a-side, 'Nick K' adds his own touch to the track, building upon the foundations of the already familiar original, whilst injecting a rock influenced vibe into the groove. Solid percussion and looped rhythms set the tempo to the right hypnotic pitch, leaving Nick to introduce the killer guitar lead that drives this remix. The vocal is stripped down and some of the original's melodies creep through on occasion, but when all is said and done, this remix is created with a big room in mind, and that's definitely where it belongs.

However, let's not overlook the 'Original Mix'. One of the standout tracks of Matthew Dekay's Essential Mix back in November 2004, the track is much in the vain of some of the Flash Brothers recent work of the last few months. Whilst some have criticised them for moving away from the deeper sounds they were initially renowned for, you can't argue with the success they have enjoyed. 'Sweetest Thing' may be simplistic, but it's catchy grooves and driving rhythms combined with the repeated vocal chorus never fails to get the floor moving, and as such, it's one of those tracks that more than justifies it's stay in the back of the record box for those times when all else fails.

Lowriders have brought us another well rounded and versatile 12" that deserves a place in any record box, and one can be sure that as we head into 2006, there will be much more from this Dutch label and indeed The Flash Brothers to look out for.

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