Artist: Flash Brothers
Title: Protect The Sense
Label: Screen Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 15 June 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: MAS Collective Mix

Flash Brothers "Protect The Sense"

Out Now on Screen Recordings

Avid train spotters amongst you may recall 'Protect The Sense' from it's inclusion on John Digweed's 'MMII' back in early 2002, but for some reason or other, this Flash Brothers track has been kept off record shelves, until Stefano Greppi decided to license it for release on his label Screen. Thankfully the track still stands well two years on, and keeping things somewhat in the family (the Italian progressive Mafia, that is), M.A.S. Collective are on hand to provide the remix..

Percussion galore leads us to the 'Original Mix', sliding along on a pounding bed of tribal drums and subliminally morphing into a cool atmospheric groove that sets the standard for the rest of the track. The usual deep and dark Flash Brothers effects really add emotion to the floaty sounds, with a swirling ambience that fades in and out, a heavy drop landing right in a thick eerie break that starts things over, before zoned out drums flip things slightly to end.

'M.A.S. Collective' pull out the stops as usual, providing a driving bass led remix that hits hard from it's opening beats and gets tougher as it gradually progresses. Subtle drums are layered within the groove, pushing things forward at a solid and consistent tempo, with futuristic sounds giving this mix a glistening shine that will fill a space better than the original, with a wicked twist in the break taking things as low as they can go for a seriously trippy outro that fans of the sounds found in the Digweed vortex will love.

For a small label, Screen have delivered some pretty impressive releases in the last few months, and this is without a doubt one of the label's finest yet. It's not only the doors this will be blowing off, mark my words.

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