Artist: Flash Brothers
Title: Deep Love EP
Label: Swift Records
By: Simon Jones | 3 February 2004
  • A: Sarcasm
  • B: Deep Love
  • C: Sweety
  • D: Deep Love (G-Pal Unforgetable Mix)

Flash Brothers "Deep Love EP"

Out Now on Swift Records

The Flash Brothers seem to be venturing back towards the forefront of the scene once again at the moment, with several singles and a mix compilation on Silver Planet just some of the seemingly many projects they have been involved in recently. This EP sees them make their debut on Swift Records, with a selection of old and new tracks on offer.

'Sarcasm' kicks off the EP, it's brooding and moody introduction oozing all the typical elements that we have come to associate with the Flash Brothers. Building up with use of a dark and throbbing bassline, hypnotic tribal drums filter through from underneath, each wave adding a darker edge to the track. When the break hits and the hypnotic beats conceal an euphoric chime melody that expands, slowly taking us back towards the darkness where the bass emitting from the speaker takes over once more.

'Deep Love' focuses more on a traditional 4/4 groove, a deep percussive groove leading in from the start before building to the main section where an ambient backdrop floats through to the surface, overlayed by guitars and some sparingly used female vocals. The smooth groove keeps the track moving, but the track sinks deeper and deeper and never really manages to do anything that grabs your attention.

Disc Two contains 'Sweety', a more driving melodic house track that fans of such tracks as the Brothers' 'Hazy March' track will no doubt appreciate. Sweeping melodies, trippy drums and techy fills are just a few of the elements that combine to create an uplifting soundscape that soon takes over the dancefloor. Edgy synths add a warm late night vibe to the track, and as the sounds begin to come together, the track will explode when you least expect it. Subtle in it's execution but dominating in it's delivery, this is vintage Flash Brothers for sure.

The EP is completed with G-Pal's own revision of 'Deep Love', taking the key elements of the original and easing them into a this solid drum led remix. Subtle fills and delays lift the backing moods up, as a eerie bassline fluctuates over the top. The mood of this mix is unforgettable as it's name says, and when rumbling drums rise after the break early on, you know this one isn't going to let you go until all is said and done. Spine chillingly good, as we've come to expect from this ever consistent producer.

A varied EP, with only the original version of 'Deep Love' falling short of the standard of the rest of this double 12" package. The Flash Brothers once again show their versatility with the different tracks on offer here, and with G-Pal having the final word, he makes this a package worth checking out for his superb remix alone.

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