Artist: Fitalic
Title: Disilllusions / Fields Of Motion
Label: Pangea UK
By: Chloe Harris | 22 October 2004
  • A: Disillusions
  • B: Fields Of Motion

Fitalic "Disilllusions / Fields Of Motion"

Out Now on Pangea UK

Fitalic, the duo of Jeroen Wunderlich and Robin Fitter who hail from Holland, are set to release their next single 'Disillusions' and 'Fields Of Motion' on Pangea Recordings new UK subsidary. As active members of the progressive and breakbeat worlds already, they need no introduction and have had outstanding releases like 'No Way Out' and 'Realistic' that have gained the attention of Sasha, John Digweed, Steve Gerrard, Nick Warren and others.

'Disillusions' takes sounds from the depths of psychedelic trance and works them into something melodic and driving with a progressive edge. Sparkling synths start the tune followed closely by a quick trance beat and a low bouncing groove. Arpeggiated watery sounds crawl in weaving through the drums and through the speakers. Deep sounds melt into the background, and voices are swirled up inside effects for a muffled trippy mental sound. Falling into a breakbeat, the tune slows up for a couple minutes and then pops back into the trancey beats and washy synths, which captures the essence of 'Disillusions' so well.

'Fields Of Motion' starts in slow and builds into an epic but subtle techy trancy monster. Ambient swirling sounds wash over a sweet drum loop that builds over a midrange bass bounce. The kick sets in and acid tones move over the beats, while the bassline builds and more high hats are added. A shuffling groove sets in and smooth watery synths stab down into the beats taking over the song and gliding it through drops, dips, breaks and builds which last till the end of this lush full-bodied moving tune.

Fitalic is on top form once again with this release for Pangea Recordings. With an older trance vibe laid on top of new ideas and sounds, Fitalic brings out the best of the trancey, progressive and breakbeat worlds.

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