Artist: Filur
Title: Kiwi Mint Pilot
Label: Feed Me Records
By: Chloe Harris | 7 June 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Kasey Taylor Mix

Filur "Kiwi Mint Pilot"

Out Now on Feed Me Records

Sebastian Mullaert of Son Kite and Minologe fame, presents a masterful piece of work for Feed Me Records out of Portugal. Staying true to Feed Me's idea of bringing good tech and progressive house and breaks to the masses, 'Kiwi Mint Pilot' is a perfect example of fine progressive house. Tight drum programming, bouncy synths, lush pads and a warm jazzy groove create a perfect balance for the great sunny weather right now. Australia's Kasey Taylor changes the song into a deeper chugger, full of kicking percussion and rushes of gorgeous synths.

Lovely, pretty synths and a crunchy beat loop start things off to a mellow beginning. A fuzzy bassline swells in the background and drops in with a kick. They build with layers of percussion, as a slight bouncy arpeggiation rides along in a jazzy groove. The keys build grabbing all the attention, sliding through ups and downs, when the drums fade off into a break. The bassline changes up into a slow bob, while sparkling sounds flutter and change. The drums find their way back in and move through a very spacey ending with an ambient touch.

'Kasey Taylor' has an ability to create a visual depth when it comes to music. His sounds are clean and precise; the melodies are compelling, and the galloping percussion drives it all along. He takes 'Kiwi Mint Pilot' deeper with minimal drums that kick hard and move quickly. A slight synth holds over the drums gliding through quick changes and a driving bassline, and then builds slowly, changing in variation. Reaching a melodic peak, a dramatic symphony of sound rushes in, with explosive sparkles that fade off and drop into the percussive groove once more.

The third release for Feed Me Records is blinding. Holding true to what the label sought out to do, this is a completely different piece of music compared to their last two releases. Each release gets better and Filur has done a fabulous job of keeping this one interesting.

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