Artist: Filterheadz
Title: Cartagena EP
Label: Love Distortion
By: Colin C. | 10 December 2005
  • A1: Cartagena
  • B1: Santiago
  • B2: Lima

Filterheadz "Cartagena EP"

Out Now on Love Distortion

Bert and Maarten's Filterheadz project is no stranger to the crates and collections of many DJs and their fans. They have cultivated a serious sound of driving tech grooves with their numerous remixes and original tracks. Here on the Cartagena EP their sound is in full force. This three part EP kicks off with the title track and has the boys keeping their strong percussive rhythm in the forefront as a bubbling bass line and classic synth stabs melt into the groove.

'Cartagena' leans towards the classic melodic side of things, picking up a few Trance-y motifs as it rolls along. Up first on the flip is 'Santiago', which is full of quirky electro elements and clean percussion, definitely feel the guys are reaching out to the flavor of the moment right now with this one. Lastly, my favorite of the bunch 'Lima' rounds it out with the heaviest groove. Quite the stormer of a track with its distorted bass line and swelling stabs, definitely will find support from the likes of Oliver Klein and other purveyors of the harder side of things.

Out of the catalog of work these guys have put out, the 'Cartagena EP' seems to be one of their more cookie-cutter releases. In the past the Filterheadz sound has played off whatever style was popular at the moment (i.e. their deeper stuff on Pitch Black when people were clamoring for the darker prog), but at the same time they have always retained that certain something that lets the listener know it's a Filterheadz track. Overall a solid release, but personally would have liked to have seem them twist things up a bit more instead of heading straight for their "tried and true" methods.

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