Artist: Filo & Peri Vs Serge Devant
Title: Electric Funk
Label: Baroque Limited
By: Colin C. | 18 January 2006
  • A: Lys & Gigi Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Filo & Peri Vs Serge Devant "Electric Funk"

Out Now on Baroque Limited

Baroque Limited has been tossing out gems since its first release (Quivver's Boz Boz remixes) in 2004. Geared not too differently than its parent label, Keith McDonnell's style and vision has made him a well-respected provider of great progressive music. With the eighth installment, things head down a different path as Domenick Filopei & Bo Pericic are more commonly known in the trance community. Same for Serge Devant, who (as well as Dom & Bo) have seen releases on some very predominate trance labels such as Captivating Sounds, Lost Language, and State Of Trance. Here they don’t leave too much to the imagination with their release’s title but needless to say I was still a bit skeptical as I am not the trance fan that I used to be back in 1998.

Lys & Gigi, two up and coming producers (again plucked straight out of the trance circuit) step up to take on the A side of this release, and right from the get-go you can feel how this one is going to go down. Bright and crisp percussions are arranged in a clear-cut progression surrounding a big stabby bassline. Creative sampling and even a little guitar bring a little more of a funky, progressive nature to the track. This one is definitely trying to merge not only trance and progressive but also the electro stylings that everyone seems to be after at the moment.

The original mix keeps things a little closer to the proggy trance spectrum with its typical foundation, yet it’s what they bring over the top that makes it a worthwhile release. Bright stabs and washes bubble under the bassline as a quick filtered synth arp help complement the groove nicely. The funky nature of the track keeps it firmly away from being a trance release, which is what makes the track enjoyable. All in all the production of the track is spotless, and the content manages to groove a little stronger and has a more "classic" feel to it than the Lys & Gigi mix.

Definitely an interesting turn from the dreamy, more melodic releases of the past, seems since Noel’s ‘One Drop’ we might be seeing more releases like this from the imprint. Never the less, Baroque manages to always stay on top and it’s easy to see why.

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