Artist: Ficta
Title: Eli
Label: GU Music
By: Simon Jones | 8 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: James Zabiela Rave Lizard Mix

Ficta "Eli"

Out Now on GU Music

Aidan Lavelle may be the younger brother of James, the man from Unkle, but he's also a talented producer in his own right. From his early work as Mode on New Religion, creating the acclaimed EPs 'Mode' and 'Ludovicos Technique', to his more recent work as Vector 13 alongside vocalist Alan Thompson on his own Algorhythm imprint, he has received plaudits from critics and music fans across the board. Having recognised his talent, Global Underground signed him to their GU Music label where his debut Ficta release, 'Eli' now appears.

The 'Original Mix' leads in with heavy rolling beats, but soon opens up to reveal stunning string sections that float high above the dirty bassline which vibrates at the heart of this epic and driving breakbeat opus. Layered beats wash over the subtle melody line that slides through, but when all is said and done, this is one beautiful piece of music that is as devastating as it is divine, exemplifying the deep rooted musical talent that Aidan has.

'James Zabiela' has been a supporter of the track ever since he featured it on his 'Sound In Motion' compilation and liked it so much that when he was invited to remix it that he didn't waste no time in making it his own. Frantic beats and JZ's trademark dirty bass start things off on the right foot, building into the the melody of the original, with added vocals from the mysterious rave lizard Jigga and his pet dalek lead us through a delayed drop and into the second section where rolling beats a seriously filthy bassline threaten to blow the speakers whilst shaking the floor to it's very core, as only the one and only can do.

Once again GU Music have delivered another superb release, that has already received huge support and featured on several compilations such as 'Afterhours' and James Holden's 'Balance 005'. Now with the added remix, this is a peak time pounder that deserves a space in every DJ's record box.

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