Artist: Extrawelt
Title: Titelheld
Label: Cocoon Recordings
By: Illya Zubaryev | 20 July 2006
  • A1: Titelheld (Original Mix
  • B1: Titelheld (FSK 18 Mix)
  • B2: Stammgast (Original Mix)

Extrawelt "Titelheld"

Out Now on Cocoon Recordings

The amazing Extrawelt is an electronic group made up of the very talented Arne Schaffhausen & Wayan Raabe. They now have 6 original productions and 2 remixes in their production profile under the artist name Extrawelt, and although they also make music under the alias midimiliz, many would say that in the competitive and vast electronic music world, this may not be enough material for the duo to merit a lot of credit, respect and reverence from listeners, producers and DJs alike. Nevertheless, despite the impulse to be skeptical, the music they have produced so far has impressed everyone from my little 8 year old brother to some of the most prolific DJs in the world (i.e. Sasha, John Digweed). Their debut 12" was released on James Holden's own Border Community (a man of true musical genius) and included the widely and largely acclaimed tracks, 'Soopertrack' and 'Zu Fuss'. Although their latest EP, "Titelheld", is not signed onto Mr. Holden's record label, he is most definitely the tracks' biggest promoter. In turn, many feel, including me, that if James Holden loves a track this much, it simply has to be amazing.

Since the first time I heard their newest production in a mix, I've been anxiously awaiting the release of this track and anything new by Extrawelt for that matter. 'Titelheld' is a sensational, massive song, with its tank-like driving bass line, powerful drums, and beautiful, yet menacing droning reverberating synths which are accompanied by Extrawelt's own, now-classic vocoder effects (remember the 'Zu Fuss' chorus?). The 'FSK 18' version of the track provides a different atmosphere and effects palette, while maintaining the spunk and character of the original. 'Stammgast', although slightly less impressive because of its simplicity and more common techno atmosphere and characteristics, is a quality companion to the monster headliner that is 'Titelheld'. Featuring a more basic techno drum track and bass synth, although redeeming itself with one especially wicked synthesizer sample; the 2nd track on the B side is for the less risqué/progressive techno listeners and is appropriately the last track in the sequential order of the EP's contents.

However, if you're ready to accept the future of powerful, breathtaking electronic music with an open mind and ear, it will be a long time before you get past 'Titelheld' and find out what this 'companion track' is all about. It is interesting to note and surely no coincidence in my opinion that when translated from German to English, 'Titelheld' is a "title hero" and 'Stammgast' aptly means "regular customer". Such titling certainly gives indication of rational self-criticism and modesty; traits that are so often missing in the world of music.

An essential, must-have release for anyone who enjoys modern techno or progressive electronic music in general.

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