Artist: Ewan Pearson
Title: Sci Fi Hi Fi Volume One
Label: Soma Records
By: Jason Calvert | 26 September 2005
  1. Clashing Egos - Aminjig Nebere (I Trusted You) (Joakim's Afrobot Mix)
  2. Lontano - Lovebass
  3. Feist - Inside And Out (Pearson & Usher Elektronischer Dub)
  4. Husky Rescue - Summertime Cowboy (Serge Santiago Version)
  5. Dirt Crew - Largo (Dominik Eulberg Mix)
  6. Villalobos - Easy Lee (Random Factor Mix)
  7. Different Gear - Pop Idle (Instrumental Mix)
  8. Brazillian Girls - Don't Stop (Riton Re-Rub)
  9. Karu - Maraud Your Ears (Tim Paris' We Almost Lost Detroit Mix)
  10. Spirit Catcher - Key Generator
  11. Danton Eeprom - Odd Bassliner
  12. Dirk Technic - I Love You
  13. Sold Out - I Don't Want To Have Sex With You (Mugwump Zexual Sealing Reversion)
  14. Alex Visconti - I Want To Be Your Everything
  15. Da Fresh - Broken Dream

Ewan Pearson "Sci Fi Hi Fi  Volume One"Ewan Pearson "Sci Fi Hi Fi Volume One"

Out Now on Soma Records

Soma Recordings have consistently been one of the hottest labels in electronic music since their formation in 1991, and 14 years later the introduction of this new compilation series indicates that they are still at the top of their game. Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi gives the DJs no set rules our boundaries. It just lets them represent themselves in any way they see fit, with any style they choose, current and overlooked tracks. To kick off the series, Ewan Pearson steps up to the decks. Pearson has become a household name within the scene, having remixed some of the biggest names around and boasting a plethora of original productions, over the years he has crafted a distinctively unique sound. This is surprisingly Pearson's first ever compilation, and to craft the sound to exactly that of what he wanted, he has used Ableton Live, which has become somewhat industry standard amongst forward thinking DJs and musicians. The results? Phenomenal.

Pearson provides us with a provocative and forward-thinking selection of electro tinged house numbers which create a smooth flowing vibe which is very refreshing, as to be quite honest we all need a break from strictly progressive sounds at some stage! And I feel this compilation would be the perfect way to take a breather, so I can strongly reccomend it to just about anyone!

First up we have a mellow Clashing Egos track, with Joakim on the remix. I found this remix to have quite a housier vibe than I was expecting, as I would usually associate Joakim with more minimal electro, but I was pleasantly suprised. Continuing on in this fashion, we have the ultra smooth "Lovebass", boasting some massive groove without rushing the listener anywhere.

Turn up the volume as the sexy vibe of "Inside And Out" flows from your speakers. If a track could seduce your ears, this would be it. It is great to see that Pearson understands that you don't need to have a high BPM to be dancefloor oriented. These tunes are all massive and yet are happy taking their sweet time. Retaining this feeling, we are taken to Serge Santiago's twisted interpretation of "Summertime Cowboy", blending a simplistic melody, simplistic bassline, and sexy vocals to produce a very effective anthem.

Taking a less direct approach is Dominik Eulberg's interesting take on Dirt Crew's "Largo", stripping things right back and setting up a more minimal groove. However this just prepares us for Carl Finlow's absolutely killer Random Factor Mix of "Easy Lee", which is bursting with emotion, something which isn't always too common amongst electro tracks.

The highly successful duo of Different Gear provide their latest infectious banger cheekily titled "Pop Idle", the version presented here stripping back on the vocals, yet allowing the melody lines to take the spotlight. But it is here where the album takes a turn for the dirtier! Kicking off the new direction is one of the standout tracks of the album, the insanely massive Riton interpretation of the Brazillian Girls tune "Don't Stop". Blending heavy percussion with some twisted melody lines, and bringing over this some hot vocals, we have a true dancefloor monster here with this one. Possibly too heavy to play in a home environment!!

With heavy being the key idea in mind, the next track certainly does "Maraud Your Ears" with its crazy synth lines and sharp bass attacks, leading straight on to the heavily tech influenced "Key Generator" from none other than Spirit Catcher. Boasting a very futuristic sound which truly stands out amongst its peers. "Odd Bassliner" takes a very unique approach, fusing futuristic bleeps with a more retro sounding rhythm section. This strangely enough works well to give an outstanding sound, which just adds even more diversity to the already stunning tracklist.

The anticipation really begins to build up in "I Love You", as its melodies keep building and building upon eachother, heightening the mood in each new second, until finally exploding into "I Don't Want To Have Sex With You". Mugwump's dirty interpretation sets up a brilliant mood which sends the senses into a frenzy by this stage, as the rest of the CD has already got you so hyped into the mood!

Pearson then begins to wind down with "I Want To Be Your Everything", stripping back the mood, introducing a subtle male vocal over a smooth flowing melody. "Broken Dream" sadly ends this amazing compilation, and ensures the listener is left on a positive vibe.

This is without a doubt one of the hottest compilations I have ever heard, and with the predictability of so many tracks and compilations at the moment, this is a must have for anybody with even the slightest interest in electronic music. Pearson has truly outdone himself, and this CD should come with a warning to beware of induced euphoria. These are not the tracks you will come across everyday, and many you would not even be able to witness without going to see Pearson live. This will definitely be jammed in my player for a long time to come, and hopefully this inspires you all to pick up a copy of it as soon as you can. No electronic music collection will be complete without this album. Highest respect goes out to Ewan Pearson for this godsend of a CD.

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