Artist: Every
Title: Feelin / Civilized
Label: Monofleur Records
By: Chloe Harris | 12 May 2006
  • A: Feelin
  • B: Civilized

Every "Feelin / Civilized"

Out Now on Monofleur Records

The third release from Oliver Lieb’s label Monofleur features himself under yet another guise, Every. A wealth of bass and beats and clever intricacies make these two songs stand out from the rest. 'Civilized' is a tech house chugger, while 'Feelin' has been a favourite of John Digweed and has settled nicely into John's eagerly anticipated Renaissance album, 'Transitions'.

'Feelin' is an incredible mix of old and new. Sci-fi synths and a low warm buzzy bassline capture a fat groove while beeps and zaps toy with the techy fuzzed up beats. Delays enrich the depth making room for a beautiful synth, which melts into the high hats creating a rolling build. The bass drops just long enough for a vocal hook to emerge, but this isn't your normal vocal hook, this is a treated and tortured and beautifully chaotic vocal that winds and twists with the beats, cutting and slicing it all to shreds. This is sheer brilliance and what a fantastic peak. The song retreats back into its sci-fi sound completely forgetting about that amazing vocal that just captured it all.

'Civilized' has an analog feel with squishy mids entrapped in a huge throbbing bassline. Breaky 4/4 drums with lots of trickery and effects keep your attention before all falling off and into just a minimal kick. The bass still keeps on as high hats, scratchy claps and distorted layers settle back into the music. Dirty male vocal samples hide in time with the beats while cool electronic computer beeps play in the background.

This is another fantastic release from Oliver Lieb. The man has an incredible talent in his music making and he just keeps taking it to new levels with Monofleur.

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