Artist: Etostone
Title: Waiting For U / Pain
Label: Erase Records
By: Chloe Harris | 16 June 2004
  • A: Waiting For U
  • B: Pain

Etostone "Waiting For U / Pain"

Out Now on Erase Records

Etostone has been making music since 1989. He first started with programs such as Adlib Composer, Scream Tracker and Fast Tracker, but has since built a massive studio including tons of keyboards and programsalike. He's released quality breaks on the highly acclaimed label Freakaboom, as well as His beats are heavy and twisted, and his sounds are complex and very dirty. 'Waiting For You' and 'Pain' are two delicious tunes he's crafted for Erase Records.

'Waiting For You’ is a nicely layered break beat tune with crunchy drums and a deep female voice. The drums glide along starting the tune off and moving through various effects and stutters, while also building into a fat bassline. A quick vocal sweeps on top of the drums creating a sweet vibe. Synths are light in background and add a lovely layer behind the beats. The atmosphere is rather dark, yet compelling as her voice draws you in deeper into the beats.

'Pain' is a harsher peak time track. 2 Step drums work in with the breaks and bounce along, while various mechanical layers are added. The drums, once again, have a lot of effects and edits that keeps the song moving quickly through transitions. An MC’s voice comes in and synths follow. The synths come up from the background and create a dark shrilling atmosphere where evil sounds play off each other. Tweaky sounds start climbing up higher and peak, while lazers and synth sounds fly off. Everything drops off and the bass pulses in the end. A massive peak time tune.

This is a great debut for Etostone on Erase Records. The next release up from Erase is by the talented Ben Camp, so keep an eye out for that soon.

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