Artist: Etostone
Title: The So Good EP
Label: Erase Records
By: Chloe Harris | 21 October 2004
  • A: So Good
  • B: Polio Sose

Etostone "The So Good EP"

Out Now on Erase Records

Etostone's first release for Erase Records comes off his recent success on the wicked break beat label Freakaboom and he recently had two of his songs licensed to Uberzone's Y4K album. Besides that, his tunes are now finding their way into the sets of Elite Force, the Plump DJs, Steve Gerrard and many more. His funky style is gaining recognition all over the world, and is set to hit another high note for Erase Records. 'So Good' and 'Polio Sose' are two sexually charged meaty break beat tunes sure to please all ears in the dance music spectrum.

'So Good' is a funky breaks tune full of clanging sounds, sexed up spoken vocals, mental synth stabs and a head bobbing bassline. A solid snappy break beat steps in starting the tune off. Low bass bounces in shortly after, moving slowly into her randy vocals that loom above the percussion. Horns start in and play along with the bassline, which falls into a minimal bit just relaxing enough to start the bobbing and vocals once again.

'Polio Sose' is another break beat tune that has an Indian influence within the keys and melodies, but has a darker more aggressive nu skool edge to the bass. A growly slow squishy acid bassline creates a groove inside a solid kicking break beat full of crashes and cool high hats. Synths start to glide in and build into a massive fury of sound swallowing the song and dropping it deep into the spoken vocals. Gated sounds fill in the background and anthemic snyths build once again in the background, but never feel too intense which keeps the song a bit more low key, but still has it's peaking moments.

Etostone pulls out two nice tunes for Erase Records. 'So Good' and 'Polio Sose' have similar qualities, but stand on their own with their mildly cool differences.

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