Artist: Envotion Feat Michael Slims
Title: Hammer And Tongs
Label: DK Records
By: Darren Rhys | 5 September 2006
  • A: Original Club Mix
  • B: 16 Bit Lolitas 'Nuts & Bolts' Mix

Envotion Feat Michael Slims "Hammer And Tongs"

Out Now on DK Records

'Envotion' are dutch-based trio Hugo Alberts, Laurens Alberts and Stijn Halfens. Previous offerings through Plastic Fantastic, Extrema and Sentient Records have helped gain interest in their work with a blend of musicality yet dancefloor-driven material being the order of the day. The production outfit's latest, 'Hammer & Tongs' on DK Records, is a chunky, guitar-laden monster with a powerful male vocal.

A huge electro-tinged bassline, chunky kick and snare slam the 'Original Mix' into life following a cautious intro, before guest vocalist Michael Slims sets to work on layering a sequence of sublime vocal segments. The first break hints at the forthcoming musicality of the track, with a series of key shifts in the bassline adding a renewed source of interest. The track explodes once again into a frenzy, with the growling bassline and air-guitar style moments joining forces beautifully. A welcome return of the vocals change the focus of the track, making 'Hammer & Tongs' a real sing-a-long style anthem with definite crossover appeal.

16 Bit Lolitas are no strangers to the world of dance music, and continue their rich-vein of form to re-work a highly impressive original. The track progresses with a contrasting nature to that of it's counterpart, choosing to focus on an effective percussive-led groove, before the arrival of a fresh guitar sequence and some heavily-effected and looped references to Michael Slims' vocal parts. A simple, yet solid bass takes control of the mix midway through, coupling with an adlib-style guitar layer adding a more progressive slant to the release. In itself, the remix isn't startling for it's complexity, but for it's infectious groove throughout, certifying it as a credible alternative to Envotion's A-side.

Upon reflection, while the original will certainly catch the attention of many, thanks, not least, to the support of DJ's such as Pete Tong, it's the subtlety and augmented longevity of the remix that edges it for me. As a package, DK Records have pretty much nailed it with 'Hammer & Tongs', offering mixes for both crossover radio-playlists and for the more discerning club-heads alike. For fans of these, there will also be additional digital-only releases of the track to follow.

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