Artist: Elias Tzikas & dPen
Title: Frequency Loss
Label: Deep Focus
By: Colin C. | 12 March 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Guy J Mix

Elias Tzikas & dPen "Frequency Loss"

Out Now on Deep Focus

Peter Van Hal's Deep Focus label has been reaching out to new corners of the scene for since its inception, providing us with an array of talent and Elias and dPen are no exception. 'Frequency Loss' marks the first collaboration from these two Greek producers, and they churn out the goods for Deep Focus' nineteenth release.

The original mix kicks off with a spastic arrangement of quirky, static elements that rotate around a heavy kick and simple, forward bass line. As the track builds, the duo interjects a set of ethereal strings bringing an interesting twist to the highly digital arrangement. The whole track focuses around an almost gloomy vibe before the break down brings in some much needed key changes with a distorted vocal sample before moving back into the groove of the piece. Towards the end of the track a quick second breakdown finds its way in and helps move the track back out into its simple groove for the mix out. Overall a well crafted piece, but to me lacks the drive that Elias' early Deep Focus release had.

Guy J takes on 'Frequency Loss' and right off the bat begins to capitalize on all the short, edited little synth bits as he lays down a much more driven reworking. The bass line he presents here is wicked and eats right into you as you listen. His mix cuts to the chase, throwing different quick little tweaks at you as the whole track slides right along. Guy is able to showcase a perfect blend of the original's theme with the right amount of added production to give us a perfect companion to the original.

'Frequency Loss' stays right in tune with the Deep Focus label and should find a place in the collections of those who enjoy the blend of progressive ideals with the electro generation while helping set up these three producers as ones to pay attention to.

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