Artist: Elegant Universe
Title: Superchainer / Insight
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Andy Dixon | 5 March 2007
  • A: Superchainer
  • B: Insight

Elegant Universe "Superchainer / Insight"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Vapour Recordings turns to newcomer Elegant Universe for their first release in 2007. The Israeli tandem of Miki Litvak (of psy trance background 'Shidapu' and 'Domestic') & Amir Hardon collaborate for their first release with Vapour. With original productions on both the sides of the 12", they utilize the opportunity to demonstrate their sound and flex their progressive muscles.

'Insight' is hypnotic. Even spiritually repetitive as it sets its acid tones and strives for restive nervousness. Its rolling bassline remains a constant driving force as the beat patterns alternate and the build pads slowly and deliberately shape the peaks and valleys. The slope is gradual but continues to gain energy throughout; helped by cross sections of new harmonies and stronger beats. While it's flat and borders on monotonous, it maintains a high energy that gives it its extra push.

'Superchainer' has a similar and equally effective beat as Insight. But its arpeggiated mid frequency roll is more prominent and takes control. This gives it a crowded dance floor feel that is furthered by the paranoid charm it shares with Insight. The crisp percussion and precision beat drops and reenters freely, occasionally just to showcase a subtle flange over distance pads.

Elegant Universe uses effects to freely create and destroy energy keeping the tracks in constant flux. While both Insight and Superchainer lack strong melody or beat variation, this movement keeps them from becoming stale.

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