Artist: Elegant Universe
Title: Hypnotized EP
Label: Mashtronic Records
By: Rami Dahud | 20 January 2009
  • 1. Hypnotized
  • 2. Beyond

Elegant Universe "Hypnotized EP"Elegant Universe "Hypnotized EP"

Out Now on Mashtronic Records

Although relatively new arrivals to the to the ever growing world of dance music production, Elegant Universe, the project of producer Amir Hardo has already seen well regarded labels the likes of Vapour and Baroque as home to some of his releases, in addition to remixing and being remixed alongside equally well regard names such as Lutzenkirchen and Oliver Moldan. 'Hypnotized', Elegant Universe's latest offering, sees a continuation of this developing momentum.

Despite being quite dissimilar from each other, both 'Hypnotized' and 'Beyond' are squarely positioned as big room shakers bustling with activity. Beginning on conventional enough lines, the appropriately titled 'Hypnotized' ultimately lends itself to droning, heavy footed basslines that persist among swirling pads and a culminating melody. Although consistently attention grabbing, 'Hypnotized' generally feels overstuffed and weighed down by its own ambitious liveliness, carrying with it extra baggage that makes it a coarse and jagged listen.

'Beyond', which is actually the more 'hypnotizing' of the two, also unfolds as a calculated development in momentum, relying upon a rather straightforward, perpetual synth arrangement as the centerpiece for its increasing intricate layering, never hitting significant highs or lows. In comparison with 'Hypnotized', 'Beyond' is certainly the more digestible of the two. However, it too also suffers from a more mild case of its most salient features excessively overshadowing the surrounding environment, despite feeling less crammed together and better aligned towards a finer progression than 'Hypnotized'.

Despite these shortcomings, these productions do well to reflect the charm of techno's cold, hypnotic spirit and serve as an appropriate contribution to its incarnations, which are sure to make their presence known in the months ahead.

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