Artist: Electrogram
Title: Moreish
Label: Bodega
By: Jason Calvert | 21 November 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Fat East Coast 'Relay' Dub

Electrogram "Moreish"

Out Now on Bodega

"Moreish" is the first release since Bootleg Sounds changed their name to Bodega. Electrogram is a collaboration between label owner Matthew Hiscock and the singerbird herself Michelle Chivers. Matthew Hiscock has released a few interesting tracks in the past which have received play from the likes of Slam, Lee Burridge, Hernan Cattaneo, and James Zabiela. Michelle Chivers is the renowned vocalist from works such as Nick Muir's "Vision Of U", Shiloh's "Vista Cruz", and many other exciting works surfacing soon. But how does "Moreish" stand up? Let's see...

As their name suggests, the Original Mix heads down an electro influenced path. The simplistic melody loops upon itself, and at times builds, but ultimately remains simplistic throughout. Michelle's vocal adds some depth to the composition, which without her touch might have been a bit shaky around the knees. The guys are obviously out to have fun, and the track has that bouncy element to it which certainly has it's audience out there.

Matthew Hiscock toughens the composition up on his Dub be re-inventing the melody and slicing up the vocal. It packs more of a punch than the Original Mix, however perhaps more use of the vocal in this would have added another element to it. Serves as a sound warm up in the earlier stages of a set.

Whilst there may be nothing groundbreaking here, the release does hold up with a consistent theme across both mixes, and if one approaches this understanding what it aims to achieve then it will hopefully find its place in the scene. It may not be around forever, but we can have fun with it while it's here!

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