Artist: Effen
Title: Invidia
Label: Ascension Records
By: Jason Calvert | 21 August 2006
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Faskil 'Hayteehaye' Mix

Effen "Invidia"

Out Now on Ascension Records

Jeff Belfi's Ascension Records has shown us some interesting releases as of late which aren't scared to deviate from the mainstream sound being heard. In its relatively young life, each release put forth has had a slight twist of edge to it which makes people take notice, and this release here is no exception. Effen hails from Singapore, and his haunting number 'Invidia' may possibly be the hottest release on the label to date.

The classy bassline drives the original mix forth as the chordal progressions of the overlaid pads and melodies send shivers down your spine. As the track moves on, the emotion and depth only heighten, and this results in an absolutely massive breakdown sure to drive crowds insane. This is easily one of the hottest tracks I have heard in a long time, and will definitely be in constant rotation in my box.

One producer making quite a name for himself at the moment is Jean-Christophe Detrain, better known as Faskil. Residing in France, his music has managed to capture the ears of many in the scene, be it with his hot remixes or his solid originals. His production quality is top notch and his ideas aren't too far behind either! He grabs the parts for 'Invidia' by the throat and really milks them for all they've got here. The bassline is juiced up which gives the track more grunt overall, but the melodies are given a smaller focus as opposed to the main stage as in the original. A quality remix which serves as an excellent complement to the original mix.

If this is any indication as to the future of Ascension Records, then I suggest you keep a keen eye on the future releases from this hot label. 'Invidia' surpassed my already high expectations and has made it into my top picks of the moment. Emotion can sometimes be lacking is music that is released these days, but there is loads of it here, and yet it still manages to work in a club environment. A winner from all angles!

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