Artist: Eelke Kleijn
Title: Dopamine Theory
Label: Outside The Box Music
By: Rami Dahud | 12 November 2008
  • 1. Dopamine Theory (Original Mix)
  • 2. Dopamine Theory (Yvel & Tristan Mix)
  • 3. FM / AM (Original Mix)

Eelke Kleijn "Dopamine Theory"Eelke Kleijn "Dopamine Theory"

Out Now on Outside The Box Music

Versatile and esteemed Dutchman Eelke Kleijn returns to provide us with more forward thinking music on his aptly titled “Outside the Box Music” record label with his “Dopamine Theory” EP. Having received considerable support from the likes of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, to name a few, "Dopamine Theory" builds itself upon a variety of quirky layering and related vocal samples to distinguish itself as one of the more unique offerings where progressive house is concerned.

Introducing itself on a sturdy foundation of rumbling electric basslines and scattered plucking, "Dopamine Theory" centres its development around increasingly prominent and thematic vocal samples that also carry along with it a barrage of peculiar lead synths and scattered effects that seem to spontaneously fire from every direction. By several minutes in, this steady ascension through intricate layering will either have you fully involved or send your mind wandering elsewhere. Yvel & Tristan apply a more subdued touch to this release, resulting in a milder mannered less frantic take on the original while also assigning its vocal samples with a less upfront role. Although not terribly eventful, Yvel & Tristan's mix amounts to a more pleasant listen, injecting a greater sense of depth with heavier basslines and more drawn out synths.

On the note of 'depth', we have the B side to this release, "FM/AM". The playful weight of its basslines and increasingly eccentric progression certainly carves itself out as an interesting character. However, despite its intriguing oddness, it never quite amounts to a fully engaging listen as it simply stirs little more than a passive sense of interest into the mere mechanics of its ongoings.

One thing that can be stated in favour of this EP is that it undoubtedly has its own unique and flavourful personality. Although both of his original productions on this EP may not invite a strong sense of involvement, one can't help but be inquisitively drawn to precisely where Kleijn is going with each track as they unexpectedly unfold. Kleijn is certainly not content to simply ease along conventional lines of production and the imaginative eccentricism of this release is a fitting addition to a label bearing the name “Outside the Box.”

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