Artist: Echomen
Title: Thru 2 You (Remixes Disc One)
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 11 June 2003
  • A: Nova Scotia Concrete Mix
  • B: Bushwacka! Mix

Echomen "Thru 2 You (Remixes Disc One)"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

The Echomen are no strangers to Hooj, having released 'Truth' on the label sometime ago. Previous to that 'Thru 2 You' was released on the offshoot label Airtight and now in 2003 it's been promoted to the parent label and given some new mixes, to ensure that those who didn't catch it the first time around will do so this time, and with the rising profile of the Echomen with tracks like 'Perpetual' in recent months, it's a rather good idea indeed.

Up first are 'Nova Scotia' who as you would expect turn in a nice deep house styled interpretation. A warm bubbling bassline sits at the heart of the mix as funky sub bass key changes cause the groove to fluctuate, allowing a soft electronic guitar hook to slip through, in Pink Floyd-esque fashion. The vocal stands pretty much seperate from soundscape being crafted and whilst adding an extra dimension, could easily be left out, leaving yet another superb remix from

The 'Bushwacka Mix' is carried over from the original release on Airtight and still sounds fresh with it's bleep fuelled groove and eerie bell sounds float freely within an atmospheric void, aided halfway through by a deep and warm bassline that draws out all the small sounds within. Drums come to meet it head on, and keep control of the mix all the way to the end. A favourite of one James Zabiela.

A mixture of old and new, but put together and we have one rather funky and essential 12" which you should check out without haste.

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