Artist: Echomen
Title: Thru 2 You (Remixes Disc Two)
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 12 June 2003
  • A: The Dolphins Electrock Mix
  • B: Original Vocal Mix

Echomen "Thru 2 You (Remixes Disc Two)"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Part Two of the 'Thru 2 You' remix package sees those 'Dolphins' from Guidance Recordings in Chicago lend their own blend of punk house and rock grooves to the track, with the original version added on at the end to round off the 12". How does it live up to the first 12" of remixes? Let's compare..

Electronic guitar riffs and a scratchy bassline can mean only one thing. 'The Dolphins' are on the mix, and they certainly live up the 'Electrorock' name. Huge guitar solos fuse with a pulsating bassline as the vocal leads the way, fading in and out of the oncoming melody line in twisted and hypnotic fashion. The laid back tempo lends itself nicely to the mood and arrangement of the mix, which is much different to the other mixes by a worthwhile addition nonetheless.

The last mix is the 'Original Mix' which is stuck at the end in a rather bizzare reversal of normal events. Being based around the trademark basslines linked with the Echomen this funky number is well produced but sounds a little dated now. The vocal of course is the centre focus here and whilst adding much to the track, it's not the best work from the Echomen these days.

Hooj would have been better advised to just make this a pure remixes package, but went to the well one to many times in adding two of the old mixes instead of mixes. The space could have been better used with another new mix instead of the Original, which would have made this more viable as a purchase.

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