Artist: Echomen
Title: Cure
Label: SAW Recordings
By: Chad Harnish | 2 December 2003
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Dragon Dub
  • B2: Echopella

Echomen "Cure"Echomen "Cure"

Out Now on SAW Recordings

Saw Recordings are once again releasing a fine track by the Echomen, Chris Scott and Anton Fielding. On SAW, “Cure” follows the widely supported “Perpetual” and is also set for huge success with support from Satoshi, Digweed and Deep Dish. Delivered in three mixes on one slab, (original, dub, acapella) this twelve makes it easy for any DJ to mix up his own version of this vocal stormer.

The original mix delivers the classic Echomen signature sounds and features lyrics and vocals by longtime partner, Graeme "Cheb" Stewart. The vocals are reminiscent of the sounds of Morel and are fitted softly into place amongst a slightly bright, slightly moody backdrop.

The dub drops not only most of the vocal elements, but also diminishes the power of the melodies through much of the track giving it more punch and greater leverage with the fans of deeper, less accessible tunes.

As with any Echomen production, “Cure” is polished and extremely well produced. Be sure to check out SAW’s “Undulation” mix set which features this track as well as 11 other SAW gems. Next up for SAW are tracks by Missy ZeZe, Rob Rives and Satoshi Tomiie. I can’t wait.

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