Artist: Ebon Vs Evan Marcus
Title: The E² EP
Label: CP Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 15 June 2004
  • A: Ebon - Sleepless2 (Original Tribal Mix)
  • B: Evan Marcus - Fallen (Original Grounded Mix)

Ebon Vs Evan Marcus "The E² EP"

Out Now on CP Recordings

CP Recordings next release is a split twelve between Kansas City duo Ebon and Evan Marcus from Vancouver, Canada. Justin Lake Whedon and his wife Melinda Anne Whedon are known as Ebon, and have hit a high note with James Zabiela, who put ‘Sleepless2’ on his 'Sound In Motion' compilation last year. Their background is extensive, having been in the scene since 1989, and with influences from early dance to industrial, you can expect some twisted music coming from them. Meanwhile, Evan Marcus is the head of Hunya Munya Records, and has been involved with music for several years now. He studied jazz and arts and has recently received support from Chris Fortier with his song, '10 Feet From Heaven'. Both Ebon and Evan have done a great job here with dark and tribal touched tracks.

Ebon's 'Sleepless2' is a thumping tribal tech tune with female vocal bits and a hallow deep sound. Tight drum percussion including a kick, high hats and some tribal sounds start in, while a sort of slap bass follows it. Climbing up a scale and creating a deep groove, the bass moves through quick changes and drops off with a delayed voice into a break. Clanging pots and pan sounds come in and work into a fat old school sounding breakbeat, along with a rich analog synth that washes over the beats and then works back into the tribal house percussion.

Evan Marcus' 'Fallen' is a serious deep chugging tune filled with dark sounds and creepy voices. A bell chimes in the dark atmosphere and starts a long build up into the drums. Heavy percussion and dark stabs build into a peak before dropping off into a scary breakdown. Heavily distorted voices move with layers of wicked sounds and a dark synth that rises from nowhere. The drums and darkness come back in hard and heavy, while slowing down to the end.

While this EP isn't challenging or developing new sounds, it definitely works well on the dance floor. The heavy beats and sweaty grooves showcase exactly what Ebon and Evan Marcus can do, but leaves room for advancement in their respective styles and sounds. 'The E² Ep’ is already receiving support from the Balance Record Pool, Satoshi Tomiie and others, and should show up in a record shop near you soon.

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