Artist: Earth Deuley
Title: Turn The Tables / Kamikaze Pedestrian
Label: Hellpass Records
By: Simon Jones | 17 September 2003
  • A: Turn The Tables
  • B: Kamikaze Pedestrian

Earth Deuley "Turn The Tables / Kamikaze Pedestrian "

Out Now on Hellpass Records

Earth Deuley is back with another release on Hellpass following on from his Earth Deuley Presents Neo release a short while back. An export of Macon, Georgia, Earth has etched his own niche in the scene with releases on some of the finest labels including Addictive and Low Pressings, with support coming from djs such as James Zabiela as well as Saeed and Palash. Now he delivers this latest two tracker..

'Turn The Tables' builds itself around a bass heavy groove and kick drum percussion line, which is interrupted by a minimalist delay effect as it unfolds. Soft stabs attempt to keep things interesting, but the track just chugs for the most part, getting interesting towards the finish line with some quirky melodic tricks. Not a bad little track, but far too quirky and minimal to be of much use.

However, 'Kamikaze Pedestrian' makes up for the a-side's short fallings with it's warm sub bass riffs, sweeping synth lines and breathy vox samples. A rippling groove and well programmed drums keep the tempo up, whilst the added chimes lend a dreamy edge to the track. Whilst the pace doesn't shift much, the drums keep things together nicely, and this is quite a neat little warm up tune.

Overall, not the most impressive release to have landed on Hellpass Records, but if you like your sounds minimal or venture towards the more techy house ideals, then this may be for you, but otherwise it's fairly bland with only 'Kamikaze Pedestrian' worth checking out.

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