Artist: Earth Deuley
Title: The Shakes / Puddle
Label: Chug Records
By: Chloe Harris | 4 February 2003
  • A: The Shakes
  • B: Puddle

Earth Deuley "The Shakes / Puddle"

Out Now on Chug Records

Earth has come a long way since some of his first singles on Low Pressings, carving a niche for himself within the tech house community with his nice drum production, and spacey ambience. The Shakes and Puddle are no different. Layered, but spacey and groovy, Earth belts out another stunner.

'The Shakes' opens up with a washy airy sound into some cute high sounds. It’s very computer bubbly, with a wah sound floating on top. The bouncing sounds kick in stronger, and the bassline catches it’s groove. It’s similar to and electro pattern, but groovy, and funky in a fun way. Watery effects make the song shake, as a wavy synth comes in. Another air sound, and off into a change we go. A sample comes in and says “whos’ to tell.”, reminiscent of old Coil albums. The Shakes never breaks down, and continues it’s lovely groove all they way to the end.

'Puddle' is a deep building piece with galloping drums. A pulsing layered synth tone comes in over the top of the drums. Toms come in but are very low in the mix, and used as a rumble of sound. An “uh” sound goes off, and it’s followed with a ring tone, used as more percussion. Weird talking vocals come in, but they are twisted and contorted. This tune is thick and weird, and very percussive. It never breaks for a moment, and the sparse layers are perfect.

Earth recently had a release out on Lowlit, Saeed and Palash’s offshoot label, and has been added to the Warm Art roster headed by Trey Smith. Check this out, it’s another lovely and quality record from both Earth and Chug.

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