Artist: Dweed
Title: Who Needs N.M.E.S.
Label: Four Twenty Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 15 August 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Bud Mix

Dweed "Who Needs N.M.E.S."

Out Now on Four Twenty Recordings

The latest release on Timo Maas' own Four:Twenty imprint comes from the mysterious Dweed. This comes following on from Hyper's 'Slapper' which was well received, so the question is whether or not the oddly titled 'Who Needs N.M.E.S.' can follow suit. Time to find out..

A chunky bassline and warbling beat patterns keep the 'Original' moving along, as looped vocals and stabs lend a druggy vibe to the groove. Soon the beats drop out to leave only the vocal, before they are teased back in, leading into a big drop and back into the beats proper, but although it grooves along fairly well, it does nothing at all for me, coming across as plodding and uninspired.

However the 'Bud Mix' adds a bigger sound to it, with tougher drums, warmer bass and a whole lot more depth blowing the original clean out of the water, and this trippy, fun remix will inject some funk into the dancefloor, and saves this otherwise dull single.

A disappointment after the great single from Hyper, and a dip in form for a label which so far has had a fairly decent track record.

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